Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

In the day known as "Black Friday" in America where cash registers go cha-ching and mobs hit the stores like there's no tomorrow (when there are, in fact, many tomorrows), AMPA wants to do its part in making your Christmas shopping experience a little less nightmarish.

Check out our free gift offer at:

Yes, we know everyone's vying for your hard-earned bucks, but magazines differ from most quickly forgotten or stored-away gifts. Shall I list the ways?

1) magazines keep giving, month after month (unlike the acquaintance who re-gifts their porcelain you)

2) mags come straight to your doorstep (unless you live in the burbs like I do, in which case you'll likely have to walk a whole ten steps to your post box)

3) mags require you read, increasing your water-cooler material (fact: reading is good for you)

4) mags read great by a fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate. Yum! (the hot chocolate. we don't recommend you ingest the actual magazine)

So go ahead, start shopping. Your giftees will thank you for being so thoughtful!

You, in turn, can thank us.

Peace out,
-the AMPA team

Thursday, November 22, 2007

NoD Magazine's first fundraiser fete

Hey kids, tomorrow is NoD's funding extravaganza. Listen to decorated readers, have a great time and support a good cause!

NoD is thrilled to announce its first fundraiser!
Help publish the University of Calgary's undergraduate magazine! NoD received an amazing response to its Fall 2007 call for submissions and Issue 7 promises to be a very solid issue. NoD now needs the funds to publish it! Come out to Weeds Café Thursday evening for an amazing set of readings, tasty coffee and tea, and prizes.

Featuring Readings by:
Jonathan Ball
derek beaulieu
Christian Bök
Felicia Pacentrilli
Sina Queyras
Jane Thompson

Event Details:

Thursday November 22, 2007

7pm to 10pm

Weeds Café 1903—20 Avenue NW

Calgary, AB
*Admission by Donation*

How to get to Weeds?
Take the C-train to Lions' Park Station; walk North along 19th Street and turn left onto 20th Ave. It is about 1 block down 20th ave (you'll pass the funny little Edelweiss building). It is a less than 10-minute walk from the Lions' Park station.

Contact: Bronwyn and Ian for more details -

Friday, November 16, 2007

Best Cover Winners

ASME, the American Society of Magazine Editors, has announced its 2007 Best Cover Winners. They are stunning to say the least. But don't take my word for it, have a gaze or three.