Friday, February 26, 2010

The Future of Photography Panel Discussion

March 3, 2010

Cocktails from 6:30pm to 7:30pm followed by the panel discussion
Location: Calgary, Alberta at studio #122, 4029-8 St SE.

Todd Blevins, Trigger, Associate Creative Director; Michael Dangelmaier, KARO, Creative Director; Mark Kamachi, Admaki, Creative Director; Anders Knudsen, Red Point Media Group, Creative Director; Patrick Lor, Fotolia, President

This moderated panel will discuss the blurring line between still photography and video, the trends and effects of microstock and stock vs commissioned photography and how technology affects photo buyers, end users and photographers. This panel is offered to the creative community to hear what industry leaders think of the future of photography. Cocktails start at 6:30 PM so arrive early to network.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Congrats to Photographer George Webber!

A big shout-out to Calgary photographer George Webber for adding to his much-deserved acclamations. He recently picked up two Awards of Excellence from The Society for News Design for his photo essays Going Down The Road and Closing Time published in SWERVE magazine. The SND Awards recognize excellence in international visual journalism. Yay George!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Featured magazine: Alberta Oil

Alberta Oil magazine offers its readers a unique insight into the Canadian energy sector, a community attracting international attention as "the quiet energy superpower." Throughout the pages of Alberta Oil, readers meet those individuals who are shaping the policy, the practice and the pursuits of Canada's energy industry.

Subscribe to an Alberta magazine today to receive these handmade, cheeky magnets by Calgarian Paul Abrey.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Come to the 2010 Alberta Magazines Conference to laugh at us. Right. And learn from the experts.

Yes, we know it's creeping up fast and you're busy and you promise to register for the 2010 Alberta Magazines Conference.

So what are you waiting for?

You--if you are in any way interested in magazine publishing, be it editorially, graphically, business-wise, web-wise--need to come out and see Ina Saltz (NY Art Director), Patrick Walsh (Outdoor Canada), Deborah Morrison (Kayak), Melissa Ahlstrand (LOULOU), and many more!

We'd be so happy if you registered by Tues. Feb 16th (and hopefully before the 16th =P). It saves you money. Lots and lots of dollas.

And it makes us smile. Judging by the photo below--that--is priceless.Ogle more 2009 Alberta Magazines Conference pics on Flickr.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Understanding Your Business with Bryan Welch

Yesterday, AMPA was pleased to present a seminar with longtime magazine professional Bryan Welch, publisher of leading titles such as Mother Earth News, Natural Home and the Utne Reader.

Bryan shared some amazing insights learned through his own publishing business, Ogden Publications. Here's a brief recap:

-First, it's important to know what the purpose of your communication is. The nature of your relationship with the audience will dictate what medium to use.
-It's time to redefine what the business of magazines is--he sees himself in the business of content generation and audience aggregation.
-Magazines are NOT automated content generators.
-What makes magazines unique is our ability to produce branded content; what characterizes brand is having a voice or a character that we attach to our content; we aim to deepen the relationship with our audience by asking them what is meaningful to them and applying that knowledge
-Audiences will respond to that voice if they have a common set of interests or affinities; this is how Ogden has developed a strong revenue source, through affinity marketing. That is, selling products tied to those specific interests. These products are largely content-based.
-The way to generate money is through the quality of the relationship with your audience.
-Ogden uses frequent surveying of its "Editorial Advisory Groups" to consciously engage its audience; they ask for opinions that are relevant. The survey results help the editors to not only effectively craft their product, but they also help their advertisers to more effectively sell to the audience. The surveys provide data about the audience's editorial preferences, but can also be used in the same way to aggregate marketing data
-the Internet allows for free testing of marketing techniques; MUCH cheaper than direct mail.
-Google Analytics are your bible! Read your Google analytics to find out about your online traffic; in particular, visits, unique visits, page views, time spent on site, pages per visit and bounce rate
-the more engaged people are by your content, the more likely they are to be customers
-SEO is important, but spending on content should be far greater
-use the free Google keyword tool to find the most popular way to say things for headlines, cover lines, sell lines etc.; this will help you draw more audience through your messaging
-you can also set up alerts for spikes/drops in traffic so that you can respond with either more content on a new hot topic or rework pages that aren't working
-the aggregation of audience data is invaluable not only for editorial purposes, but also for advertising; Welch sees an "advertising on demand" model evolving where advertisers can come to magazines for specific audience groups because we've done such a good job of finding out what our audience wants to buy so that we can send them ads that they WANT
-if magazine publishers do a good job of audience aggregation, advertisers will pay a premium to access that; the value is in the trust the magazine has with its audience and having that trust extend to an advertiser's product or service

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feature magazine - Alberta Construction Magazine

Alberta Construction Magazine

In 2009, Alberta Construction Magazine--Alberta's only business magazine exclusively devoted to covering the construction industry--celebrates its 30th anniversary, making it one of the oldest construction publications in Canada. Reporting on the latest commercial, industrial, and institutional projects, association news, environmental design, and project management strategies, Alberta Construction Magazine reflects the depth and breadth of the ever-evolving industry.

Published six times per year, this glossy, full-colour magazine delivers balanced and relevant reporting that showcases the Alberta construction industry's projects and people. Coupled with compelling photojournalism and vibrant design, Alberta Construction Magazine is an invaluable resource to those with a keen interest in the construction industry.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple. Gorgeous. Fantastic!

Amazing. Phenomenal. Fantastic! Far better!

For these superlatives, and more! check out this hilarious mashup of the iPad keynote/unveling, condensed into three minutes of hilarity.

Strong Demand Doubles Number of Environmental Papers in 18 months


VANCOUVER ­ February 3rd 2010 - The number of leading environmental printing and writing grade papers produced in North America has more than doubled from 97 to 228 in the past 18 months according to information released today by Canopy, an environmental non-profit organization that works to improve the environmental performance of paper and wood companies. The sharp increase in eco-paper options is the result of large paper buyers demanding more papers with ecological attributes, a growing trend despite recent troubles in the North American paper industry and global economy.

“We¹re witnessing a phenomenal shift in the paper industry where sustained and growing green demand is steering paper production towards ecofriendly options, giving a life line to mills and a future for our endangered forests and species ² said Nicole Rycroft, Executive Director of Canopy.

Canopy¹s ecopaper database is the most rigorous North American census of eco paper options available. It tracks the quality of all papers and rates them so that consumers can be informed of the best ecological options.

For Cascades, a Canadian recycled fine paper manufacturer, the development of sustainable products for publishing is an on-going a success. Since 2006, sales of Rolland Enviro100 Book, a 100% post-consumer book paper, have increased an average of 90% every year. ³Focusing on recycled fibre is for us a natural path" said François Bélisle, General Sales Manager, Sales and Marketing for Cascades Specialty Papers. Cascades produces 23 papers that received the highest available rating.

Meanwhile, NewPage Corporation, the largest coated paper manufacturer in North America with its own de-inking recycled fibre operation achieved a significant milestone in 2009 surpassing one million tons of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sales. It anticipates its next FSC sales milestone won¹t be far away as FSC chain of custody sales were up over 25% again in 2009 and continue strong growth.

While the newspaper industry has seen a 25% decline in overall newsprint consumption during the past 12-months, the number of ecological newsprint sheets has doubled since 2006 - demonstrating that environmental protection has become a business imperative.

Growth of demand for ecopapers benefits both the economy and the environment, something Canopy had been advocating for the past ten years.

By using less virgin tree fibre for paper production, producers are reducing the carbon footprint of their papers and alleviating some of the pressure on carbon rich forests such as North America¹s Boreal Forest and the endangered species that call it home such as the woodland caribou.

The number of the environmentally rigorous papers suitable for book, magazine and newsprint publishers has gone from 97 to 228 since 2008. In addition, Canopy has expanded the variety of paper types included in the database, which now holds more than 350 of the best eco papers on the market.

The ecopaper database is updated regularly.

Visit the database at:


About Canopy : Canopy is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to making the conservation of wild places a reality. We work to protect the world's forests, species and climate by collaboratively engaging the business community and public to create a sustainable and innovative supply chain.

Source : Nicole Rycroft, Executive Director, Canopy ­ 778-987-9099

Neva Murtha

2nd Harvest and Magazine Campaigner



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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Notebook Magazine Issue #11 Release Party

Notebook Magazine

Issue #11 Release Party

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Doors 8pm
The Haven Social Club
15120 Stony Plain Road
$5 cover

Issue #11 is in stores now. If you haven't already seen it on store shelves or in your mailbox (love you subscribers) it is beautiful. There are going to be hot deals on magazines, a subscription given away as a door prize, music from the Jay Gilday Band and art from 7 of the artists featured in this issue.


Jenny Keith-Hughes
Denise Lefebvre
Theodora Harasymiw
Lisa Rezansoff
Adriean Koleric
Ricardo Copado
Micheal Holly


The Jay Gilday Band

Notebook Magazine is a quarterly periodical featuring the work of Edmonton-based artists and writers. The three-year-old magazine has garnered increasing interest from the city’s arts community and its supporters. Notebook strives to create a gallery space in magazine format by documenting independent art shows and collecting work from the portfolios and notebooks of local artists and writers, then publishing it in this full-colour, collective Notebook.