Friday, February 12, 2010

Come to the 2010 Alberta Magazines Conference to laugh at us. Right. And learn from the experts.

Yes, we know it's creeping up fast and you're busy and you promise to register for the 2010 Alberta Magazines Conference.

So what are you waiting for?

You--if you are in any way interested in magazine publishing, be it editorially, graphically, business-wise, web-wise--need to come out and see Ina Saltz (NY Art Director), Patrick Walsh (Outdoor Canada), Deborah Morrison (Kayak), Melissa Ahlstrand (LOULOU), and many more!

We'd be so happy if you registered by Tues. Feb 16th (and hopefully before the 16th =P). It saves you money. Lots and lots of dollas.

And it makes us smile. Judging by the photo below--that--is priceless.Ogle more 2009 Alberta Magazines Conference pics on Flickr.