Thursday, October 18, 2007

Edmonton antics and Calgary pics

So...the AMPA team just got back to Calgary from Edmonton, and boy was it a hoot. No literally. We got so many hoots from our Flippin' Sweet t-shirts that we were both flattered and a little creeped out at the amount of chest-ogling that occurred (I guess that's what happens when your slogan is smack across the chest area).

Nevertheless, it was a 'magical' time with many highlights, among them:

- a magazine display with free samples at the Edmonton Public Library that got absolutely devoured (in a good way of course)
- hearing journalist and Legacy writer Paula Simons read at Audrey's books
- Maria Dunn performing a set of gorgeous songs at Audrey's books (some of which are still stuck in my head...)
- having a rockstar editorial panel at Grant MacEwan college
- educating the public and hearing "I had no idea there were so many magazines in Alberta"
- dinner at Mikado (mmm..sea urchin)
- Edmonton's extremely easy to navigate thanks to the grid system

Amongst the lowlights:

- dinner at Glenn's Restaurant in Red Deer's gasoline alley (this was really the only low point of the trip)

And here are some photos from our Read Alberta Magazines Month launch at Art Central.

Spoonfed Soups doling out tasty hot goodness (from Avenue magazine)

Potter Greg McRitchie making it look easy (from AirdrieLIFE magazine)

The Lonely Hunters performing some charming tunes (from filling Station magazine)

Reader Felicia Pacentrilli (from Freefall magazine)

Lemon tarts from a Ladybug bakery

Global Television's Gord Gillies right before the event