Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alberta Magazines Conference Shaping Up Awesome

Yes, we know it's the holiday season, and all most people can think about is that, but for us AMPA folk, it's our big conference on March 6 & 7, 2008, that we're bubbling over about. We've secured an amazing speaker line-up, for sure one of our strongest to date.

For starters, Jason Brightman, director of web design for PC World and Macworld, will be our keynote speaker and give a hands-on workshop about strategies for taking your magazine online.

He will be joined by Charlene Rooke, editor of Western Living magazine; Kim Machado, General Manager of; Mary Newberry, former manager editor for Descant magazine; Malcolm Brown, art director of Unlimited magazine; Glenn Mielke, art director for BlackFlash magazine; Kevin Menshik, director of the agency, Mediactive among others.

This will be all killer, no filler, for real.

More details soon. Must go check out the venue--which is the Red & White Club in Calgary by the way. Stay tuned.