Friday, February 22, 2008

The chaos that is the conference

So the conference is nearing. After all these months of planning (about 8 months), it's hard to believe that the conference will be here in a mere two weeks! Yikes! There's a ton to do like...organizing the Showcase Awards, silent auction, live auction, reg packs, volunteers, confirming speaker flights and itineraries, finding a projector, printing name badges, scheduling....the list goes on. And once again, the AMPA office looks like a tornado and earthquake hit it simultaneously.

Amongst the bazillion boxes in our tiny office are silent auction items, swag for the registration packs, new member catalogues, and of course, any organized person's sanity. Good thing I'm not organized!

We're hoping to have a registration packing "party" next Friday. There'd better chips and dip.

Have a good weekend!