Monday, September 22, 2008

Liberal Party Supports Publication Assistance Program Funding

In the most recent edition of its e-newsletter, Cover Lines, Magazines Canada reports that they recently sent a letter to all federal party leaders asking questions specific to the magazine industry. The Liberal party responded the next day, saying that if elected, they would support PAP funding.

Magazines Canada has sent several letter to the federal government over the past couple of months, as well as letters to all MPs running in the election. Here is the Liberal Party's response to Magazines Canada's letter:

A Liberal Response to Magazines Canada

1. Will your party maintain current Publication Assistance Program (PAP) funding
at $60 million including the $15 million shortfall created by Canada Post’s intention
to exit from the PAP?

Canada Post's mandate is to ensure that all of Canada is served with efficient, affordable
and accessible postal service. The Liberal Party is concerned about some of the cuts and
service reductions that Canada Post has made.
In regard to PAP funding, the liberal Party would work to ensure that Canada Post
maintains its contribution to the PAP program, a good program that helps Canada Post to
meet its mandate.

2. Does your party commit to introducing competition for magazine postal delivery
in Canada?

The Liberal understands that there have been some concerns about the fact that
distribution is too dependent on Canada Post. However, we have also stated that we
oppose any policy change that may lead to the privatization of Canada Post.

3. Do you commit to continue funding the Canada Magazine Fund at its current
level of $16 million and restore funding cuts made in August 2008 to the Support for
Industry Development program?


4. Will you direct Canada Post to delay its introduction of Distance Related Pricing
until the government examines the findings of the Canada Post Corporation
Strategic Review and comes to final policy recommendations?

The Liberal Party agrees that the Canada Post Strategic Review might have impacts on its
current policies. We would examine findings of the review and hold discussions with
stakeholders in order to find ways to improve distribution services for Canadians and
Canada’s magazine publishers.