Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New magazine publishers - we want you!

People love magazines. They love magazines for the storytelling. They love them for the artistry. They imbue them with their passions and aspirations. This became abundantly clear to me as I met with new magazine publishers over the last few weeks. I've spoken to an arts magazine, a creative graphic design mag, and a soon-to-be published mag for foodies. Very different subject matters, but what they've got in common is a drive that is fueled by a dream of telling unique and compelling stories. Believe it or not, even high printing costs and the complexities of circulation have not deterred them.

And this is where we come in. AMPA exists as a resource for both emerging and established publishers in Alberta. The industry can seem like a minefield of unknowns, especially for startups. We are here to help answer questions and to drive this home: glossy paper does not a magazine make. Perhaps you've never heard of advertising-editorial guidelines? You should find out what they are if you want to be a magazine readers can trust.

Better yet, we offer Template magazines (definitive how-to guides to magazine publishing in Alberta) available for purchase to anyone. It's a primer for all the questions you never knew you had to ask.

We recommend Template to newbies because they're comprehensive, yet accessible. Templates are the best place to start. Click here for details on how to order copies.

Ultimately, no matter what you say or what you aim to achieve, it's up to your magazine's pages to do the talking.

So, what do you really want to say? Think about it. Then talk to us.

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