Thursday, August 13, 2009

Support the small guys

Across the country, small independent book and magazine shops fight till the end to keep their doors open. Sometimes they come out on top but of late too many indie stores are forced to close their doors. In a recent post from Masthead Online, independent stores in Halifax, Toronto, Edmonton and the like are saying good bye to their beloved stores. These precious stores are forced into these unfortunate situations due to the current ecomomic state as well as the big guys like Chapters whom they cannot compete with. Their closures not only mean one less space to peruse but it also means one less public shelf for small and independent magazines. Already faced with their own challenges, small magazines need the support of small indie stores who need the support of buyers, like you! As Matthew Blackett of Spacing magazine states, the closures of these stores not only effect business but they are cultural hubs that extend beyond the functions of a bookstore and act more as community centres. Many independent stores are in a precarious position right now but as consumers and cultural ambassadors, it is our job to spread the word and support. Without them the delicate balance of small and large stores, of commercial and independent publications will be greatly disturbed.