Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is Ed Stelmach reading?

That's a question we, at the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, also had.

So, we decided to help Premier Ed Stelmach build his collection of Alberta mags, in case he wasn't aware that there are over 60 magazines that are part of AMPA, and over 200 publishing in Alberta alone.

Here are some quick facts about Alberta magazines:
  • The Alberta periodical publishing industry encompasses nearly 200 magazines and nearly 100 scholarly journals.
  • Based on Statistics Canada data, the estimated 2008 value of the Alberta magazine industry is $83.4 million in revenues.
  • Based on the above value, the return on investment made in Alberta magazines by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for fiscal year 2008¨C9 was 179:1.
  • The annual contribution made by Alberta magazines to the GDP (mainly of Alberta) is $106.8 million.*
  • more facts can be found at whatisedstelmachreading.com
If you read and enjoy magazines, no matter if you're from Alberta or elsewhere, we urge you to send a letter to Premier Ed Stelmach to show your support of this vital cultural industry that provides jobs for a creative community of writers, photographers, designers, and more! It's an easy online form that will have an impact on the industry in Alberta.

Have a look and tell us what you think of our psychedelic campaign.