Thursday, August 26, 2010

Template Teaser 2: Fact-Checking for Magazines

For the second installment of "Template Teaser" I've turned to another of AMPA's Template Magazine resources, the 2009 Tiny Template: The Law Edition. In her article "Check, please! Fact-checking: A Must for Every Magazine," Cynthia Brouse explains why fact-checkers are especially crucial for magazines:

"Why do magazines employ fact-checkers when newspapers and book publishers usually don't? Readers expect a higher degree of polish and a higher level of reliability from a magazine; they know magazine editors have more time to perfect their product than the average daily news outlet. Also, should an error be made, it takes longer for a magazine to publish a correction; a daily newspaper can address the issue the next day, but many magazines are put to bed weeks or even months in advance of publication."

You can learn more about fact-checking, and gain other valuable information about magazine publishing, in Tiny Template: The Law Edition Magazine