Monday, May 16, 2011

LawNow Goes All Digital

After 35 years as a print publication, LawNow has transformed into a digital publication. The digital edition launched with the March/April issue and includes content that continues to showcase the best in public legal information and education.

Despite its loyal readership, the magazine struggled financially and had to make the tough decision to stop printing. LawNow was able to adapt its content to suit its new medium, and its paying off. 

Production assistant Kristy Rhyason tells me, “We thought we would lose many subscribers, but the response was overwhelmingly positive. Many people upgraded their subscriptions so their whole offices could have online access. We also improved our access to back issues and upgraded our search engine, so people are better able to view all our articles past and present.”

Though the LawNow staff is sad to see the print edition go, they are also excited about the new prospects that digital offers. Editor Teresa Mitchell outlines this enthusiasm in her Viewpoint piece in the inaugural online mag:

[T]his change means that I have the opportunity to learn, adapt, grow, smile, and be very grateful to be able to continue to do what I have loved to do for over twenty years: read, research, edit and write about the law, and continue to work with our wonderful contributors. I’m still a reader: it’s just that now, I read online. We hope that you, too, will continue to read, online!
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--- Colleen Seto AMPA Blogger-in-Residence