Thursday, July 28, 2011

Local Food Magazine City Palate Satisfies the Craving

I'd like to introduce you to today's blog contributor and AMPA volunteer Kate Arsenault. As a recent graduate from her post-secondary English program studies, Kate is eager to explore the world of publishing. I asked her to tell me about her passion for foodie magazines, and why she's such a devout reader of City Palate in particular.

The Local Food Magazine Appeal
What is it about local foodie magazines like Calgary’s City Palate or Edmonton’s The Tomato that so draw my attention? They do not simply satisfy a craving that is distinct to who I am as a food lover and a cook. Unlike those generic glossy-paged collections of articles and photographs compiled by an editor in Who-Knows-Where, USA, City Palate is honest, gritty and fresh. Like Albertans, I suppose. Local magazines appeal to me because they are… well, just that. Local.

Culinary Adventures in the City and Beyond
When I open City Palate, I stumble upon a full page advertisement for a year-round farmers market featuring local produce, followed by an article on the many uses of the glorious rhubarb that grows as fast as Calgary itself. Pushing further, I learn of the culinary adventures that exist beyond my own city limits. That, in its essence, is what attracts me to this magazine. From within its pages I hear the call of the just-down-the-street and the call-of-the-wild.

City Palate Draws Albertans In
With the release of every issue my love for this city and this province is cultivated, and I learn more about the people who call Alberta home. City Palate draws Albertans in around a vast dinner table to serve up a taste of who we really are.

--- Kate Arsenault
AMPA Volunteer and Blogger