Monday, January 23, 2012

The Latest AMPA Gossip: Your January 2012 Water-Cooler Update

The cold-snap may be behind us, but there's no denying that it's still winter out there. So why not warm up with a cuppa joe and catch up on the latest chatter in the Alberta magazine world? And as always, if you have any news to share, drop me a line!

Change is the Name of the Game at Avenue
Life-changing events abound in the Avenue world. Calgary editor Käthe Lemon is expecting her first baby this June with her husband, Tyler. No word on whether it’s a boy or girl—they’re waiting to be surprised when baby arrives! Excited for a new playmate for my Annabel!

Similarly, Edmonton editor Steven and his wife, Noelle, are pregnant with their second child due in June. Edmonton associate editor Omar Mouallem will also tie the knot to his fiancée, Janae, on June 23 with a honeymoon in Beirut to follow. There, he will introduce his new bride to his grandmother and see Lebanon through fresh eyes. Congrats to all on their upcoming celebrations!

As for changes on the Calgary Avenue staffing front, longtime web editor Tony Charron has moved on to a position at  Critical Mass, while former senior editor Jesse Semko has joined the Chamber of Commerce.

Other changes at RedPoint Media include former managing editor of corporate publications and special projects, Abby Miller, moving to accounting firm Meyers Norris Penney to work on an in-house magazine. Former up! managing editor Adam Trinh has gone freelance while his replacement, former Calgary Herald Neighbours editor Pam Fieber will soon join the team.

Where Calgary Editor Bids Cowtown Farewell
Where Calgary’s Laura Pellerine wrapped up her last day on the job December 30, after working her way up from AMPA intern to top editor. She and husband, Ryan, made a cross-country move to Montreal where Ryan will be working with one of the top 10 marketing firms in Canada. Laura will work out her freelance chops while sussing out a new permanent position, and is contemplating starting up her own blog. All the best to Laura in la belle province! 

And welcome to Ian Doig, former FFWD news editor, who has taken over for Laura at Where.

airdrielife Publisher Proven Influencer
It’s little surprise to anyone who knows Sherry Shaw-Froggatt that she ranked first in the Airdrie Echo newspaper’s list of Most Influential People of 2011. Not only does she publish airdrielife, she’s also a keystone in the community founding the Creative Airdrie Society, and is the brains behind the ARTember festival and Amazing Airdrie Women Awards. I’ve always enjoyed working with Sherry—she’s a giver and a doer; two attributes that I greatly respect. She’s contributed ideas, elbow grease and talent to many AMPA events including the Alberta Magazines Conference. Kudos to Sherry for this well-deserved recognition. 

Potential New UK Adventures for Zalewski
An uncorroborated Facebook post indicates that the former publisher at JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group and former AMPA Prez, Agnes Zalewski may be heading across the pond to the UK for a new job in publishing. Zalewski  has not officially confirmed or denied the statement, only that she’s “looking at going over for six months initially on contract to see how all the pieces fit.” In the meantime, she can be found yoga-ing like crazy.
--- Colleen Seto
AMPA Blogger-in-Residence