Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Magazines: Kids Love 'Em

According to a 2008 Canadian Youth Magazine Resonance Study, kids read magazines. Not only that, they are fiercely loyal. The study was funded by Toronto's Paton Publishing (and is a follow-up to a study in 2001/02). It consisted of more than 200 kids aged 8-14 who documented their weekly reading habits, and general attitudes towards print.

Here are some findings:
  • despite a cornucopia of media available, 93% still like reading magazines, more than half felt magazines gave them more interesting things to do
  • kids multitask less when reading a magazine when compared to most other media
  • because magazines are portable, they provide kids with instant gratification anywhere
  • magazines can be shared with family and friendsmagazines can be read over and over again
  • top magazines are: YTV's Whoa!, Owl, and Pop! while other mentions included The Magazine, chickaDEE, Kidsworld and National Geographic.