Monday, November 17, 2008

Magazines Ontario Website Launched!

A Magazines Ontario committee was formed in May, 2008, and today their website was officially launched, with links to AMPA, MMPA (Manitoba and Saskatchewan), AQEM (Quebec) and AMA (Atlantic provinces).

Several industry leaders have joined the new committee including Graham Scott of This, Terry Sellwood of Cottage Life and Explore, Sharon McAuley of Toronto Life and Matt Robinson of Outpost. More members will be announced shortly.

A key focus for the committee will be public affairs and issues specific to Ontario magazines. The committee will advise and advocate for Ontario-based magazines, and liaise with the Ontario Ministry of Culture, Ontario Media Development Corporation, and the Ontario Arts Council on issues specific to the Ontario magazine and publishing industry.

"Although Magazines Canada has always pursued many Ontario issues on behalf of dozens of Ontario-based members, it has always done so under its national 'brand.' That changes with the creation of Magazines Ontario as part of the 'big tent' approach," said Terry Sellwood, committee member and Vice Chair of Magazines Canada. "Although many of our members have a national audience, being based in Ontario means they must know regional business conditions. This committee will work for Ontario magazines and make the connection to associations and titles right across Canada."

AMPA welcomes the Ontario Magazine committee to the club! Check out the new website at