Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Un-motivated? Unlimited magazine offers help

If you're anything like most office-dwellers worried about the state of the economy, frantic about how you're going to pay the mortgage, and generally anxious about your future, then one of the last things on your mind is how to look forward and progress your career in the long-term. Do you go for personal fulfillment, or a steady paycheque? A higher paying job that you hate? Or one that you believe in, but barely pays the bills? Are those things so mutually exclusive as they seem to be?

It's refreshing to see that there's a magazine to help you navigate your way through these modern-day problems. You can take seminars, workshops, or learn through inspirational stories of those--who number in the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands--just like you.

The Unlimited magazine website gives you access to information (blogs, articles, videos) and resources on non-traditional white-collar cubicle careers; and insightful tips like how to be green, how to revamp your resume; and features to get your butt into gear, such as: Total Work-Life Makeover.

I'll certainly be reading. Will you?

-Anh C