Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unlimited reaches its limits...for now

Sadly, an Alberta mag bites the dust. Well, the bound-and-copy version anyways. On Wednesday, March 11th, news of Venture Publishing's move to suspend the print version of Unlimited magazine was only tempered somewhat by the fact that it'll still live on, albeit in its online entity,

Unlimited was named best new magazine at the 2008 Western Magazine Awards and had circ numbers around 20,000 copies six times a year. But even that couldn't stave off the innovative and thought-provoking next-gen business and work culture magazine's current predicament.

Says publisher and president Ruth Kelly in a release, “Unfortunately with the current economic reality, Unlimited has not had time to find its feet with print advertisers. Consequently, we are going to focus on growing and enhancing Unlimited at at this time, and will plan to re-launch the print version within 12 to 24 months when the market stabilizes.”

Fingers crossed!

Just listening to news reports on the radio that same day, the pinch of this uncertain clime got the better of another media outlet too. Farewell to Sun Media's weekly Jasper Booster which also closed its doors after 46 years.