Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Amber Webb-Bowerman's Spirit Shines On

One year ago today, the Alberta magazine publishing industry lost an indefatigable bright light. Writer, journalist, mentor and friend to many, Amber Webb-Bowerman was killed in a murder-suicide where Joshua Lall also took the lives of his wife and two girls.

At a news conference Tuesday, the focus was on moving forward and continuing Amber's spirit. The Amber Webb-Bowerman Memorial Foundation announced that it will offer six annual scholarships per year to students in journalism and arts programs. The foundation has so far been supported through donations from across Canada.

Says Bowerman's widower and foundation president Chris Bowerman, "It's creating something positive out of something devastating and meaningless. It seemed impossible that we could not keep her spirit alive. She had too much spirit, too much life and energy and enjoyment of life for it to just go away."

"I think what we've done is we've transferred some of that energy into positive change," said Bowerman. "The inspiration was, and always will be, Amber. She was an extraordinary person and an exceptional journalist."

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