Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Physcial Presence of Mags

A recent post on the Folio blog by David Mammano, founder and CEO of Next Step Publishing Inc. initiated some interesting dialogue in his article "Top 10 Reasons Print Should Remain a Vital Part of your Marketer's Mix".

In brief, the top 10 reasons are:
10. Print provides differentiation
9. Print offers incredible branding
8. Print makes introductions
7. Print readers are focused
6. Print travels
5. Print sways trendsetters
4. Print drives users to other platforms
3. Readers are receptive to print
2. You can pass along print, it has longevity
1. Print is a lead-generation tool!

Some might argue if print is not already dead, it is dying fast and with that magazines must direct their focus to online marketing and distribution tools. On the contrary, others feel the physical presence of magazines in itself is the power behind the page and in turn a print mag will fuel reader engagements with other technological resources.

As an admirer of objects - physical, tangible materials that one can engage with, I see the value of print. This does not mean new technologies can be ignored or under utilized, but rather as a result of these new technologies, the longevity of print mags will find renewed importance and value in today's society that too often undermines well crafted objects.

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