Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IMPACT Magazine Turns Twenty

Pick up the July/August 2010 issue of IMPACT Magazine. No, seriously, pick it up -- this 94-page beauty packs some weight, and I have it on good word that reading a bulky magazine burns calories. (Disclaimer: this is just what us bookworms tell ourselves every time we pass up activity in favor of reading. Further disclaimer: IMPACT does not endorse this message. In fact, reading this magazine actually encourages any and all physical activity).

This Summer 2010 Sports Issue marks the completion of nineteen years of publishing. From its humble beginnings as a fitness and health magazine, IMPACT has evolved over the years to, as described in the Memorandum from the Editor, a "more refined sport performance, fitness and health publication" full of expert advice and contributions. Along with ideas for your workout and healthy diet, this issue of IMPACT explores the rise of marathon cycling events, profiles both established and up-and-coming athletic inspirations, follows an ultra-runner on a 936-km trek in Australia, and then some.

PS - if you're already hooked and want to work behind-the-scenes with the magazine -- plus you have editorial experience, and a passion for sports performance, health and fitness -- consider submitting your resume for the Interim Editor (maternity leave) position now available.