Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Save the date - AdDirect Webinar July 29

Magazines Canada AdDirect Webinar
July 29, 2010 at 1:00pm

Register today for a free webinar demonstration of Magazines Canada AdDirect™ exclusively for the publishing community. You will learn how the AdDirect™ ad preflight and delivery portal can work for you.

Magazines Canada AdDirect™ ad portal was the recipient of the 2010 Ted Rogers Innovation Award for Best Process Improvement. The award recognized the contribution that AdDirect™ has made in automating, streamlining and managing the submission, preflight and approval process for advertising files. The AdDirect™ ad portal verifies that an ad will print correctly within publisher specifications or, if ads are incorrectly prepared, identify the issues that need to be corrected. AdDirect™ has allowed publishers to reduce the time and resources required to check ads and go back and forth with advertisers on fixes.

For information about AdDirect™, contact Gary Garland, Executive Director Advertising Services, Magazines Canada at ggarland@magazinescanada.ca.