Thursday, June 16, 2011

Back-to-work legislation to end postal lockout

Back-to-work Legislation for Postal Workers
So it looks like Harper's government is going to introduce back-to-work legislation next week to end the postal lockout, according to an article in Masthead. That's good news for the many magazine publishers and other small business owners who rely on postal service to deliver their products. 

Role of Postal Service in Online World
In light of this lockout, how critical is the postal service to your business or your daily life for that matter? Given how much I use e-mail and e-billing and the like, I really never thought I used the post office that often, but in reality, I do. I get my magazines; I get my community rags; I get my stuff I order online. These are all things I need and/or want that I rely on Canada Post to get to me.

More Efficient Postal System
But would it hurt if our mail went to three days a week instead of daily? I don't necessarily think so. Canada Post says it lost $100 million from the rotating strikes, but those strikes showed that a different mail schedule could work. If nothing else, I hope all of this acts as a catalyst for Canada Post to look at ways to become more efficient and cost-effective for everyone--staff, customers, management--involved.

--- Colleen Seto AMPA Blogger-in-Residence