Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Magazines = Money. Mags show highest ROI compared to other media.

Are you an advertiser looking for the best ROI? You'd do well then to advertise in magazines. According to a study posted in MediaDaily News by Marketing Evolution, magazines (the most cost-effective) beat out TV (media that gets the most ad dollars) and online in both brand familiarity and intent to purchase.

In terms of brand familiarity, magazines reached 181 people per $1000 compared to 100 for for TV and 101 for online. In terms of dollars, it cost $1.40 per capita to increase brand familiarity with magazines, versus $2.61 for TV and $2.58 for online.

Magazines also laid a smackdown in terms of purchase intent, influencing 145 people (compared to 100 for TV, 68 for online. Again, in terms of dollars, magazines cost $1.23 per person to create that impact, versus TV's $1.77 and online's $2.61.