Friday, October 31, 2008

Naysayers need to look at bigger picture--Magazines still alive and kicking.

Canadian magazines blogger and magazine expert DB Scott, says that despite the recent closures of some magazines--Christian Science Monitor stopping their print edition; Men's Vogue being reduced to a supplement; Portfolio laying off 20% of its staff; Radar folding; American magazines reporting reduced ad pages--the legacy print product is still thriving. Magazines will continue to do well as long as value and quality are being delivered to readers.

- there is little evidence readers are abandoning magazines
- with an uncertain economy, a magazine subscription remains a constant
- magazine subscriptions are already so under-priced that they are not a significant bleeder to one's personal economy
- new media is not the solution. The jump onto the web bandwagon still must have carefully considered subscriber bases in order to be profitable.
- most magazines (ed note: especially Alberta mags) are small, nimble, adaptable

That said, there is reason to be optimistic about the industry, despite high profile news about our US counterparts.

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