Thursday, October 23, 2008

Masthead Calls it Quits After 21 Years

Canada's Magazine Industry publication Masthead and Masthead Online announced today that the November/December 2008 issue of Masthead will be the last, after 21 years of publication.

North Island Publishing Inc. president Alexander Donald is quoted on Masthead Online saying “We are very proud of the service Masthead has provided the magazine industry over the years, but the magazine has not been financially viable for several years now and structural changes in the market have created even more challenges. We’ve taken a decision to focus our company’s resources on other projects in our other markets.”

"We want to thank the readers, writers, illustrators, photographers and advertisers who supported our efforts,” says Donald. “I especially want to thank current and past staff members who believed so much in the magazine and made it an institution in the industry. It is a sad day for us.”

Masthead's publisher, North Island Publishing Inc. will continue to work on its other project, Design Edge Canada, which is a magazine and website for graphic design industry professionals.

Masthead has played an integral role in the support and development of the magazine publishing industry in Alberta and across Canada. It is truly upsetting to learn that such an influential and iconic publication will no longer be available, and we thank everyone at Masthead and North Island Publishing for all of their work over the years.

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