Tuesday, January 26, 2010

filling Station submission deadlines 2010

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Submission Deadlines 2010
filling Station is currently accepting submissions for our 2010 issues. Submissions are accepted at any time. However, to minimize contributor waiting time, please note deadlines pertaining to our production schedule:

Issue 48: February 1 2010
Issue 49: April 1 2010
Issue 50: June 1 2010

Submission Guidelines
filling Station strongly encourages all submissions to be provided in a Word document and emailed to the corresponding editor. filling Station does not accept submissions that are racist, misogynist and/or homophobic. Include a brief bio, your mailing address, and email address in your cover letter.

Fiction Editor Jani Krulc: fiction.fs@gmail.com (up to 3 pieces of short or experimental fiction)

Poetry Editor Helen Hajnoczky: poetry.fs@gmail.com (up to 6 poems)

Non-Fiction Editors Jocelyn Grosse & James Dangerous: nonfiction.fs@gmail.com (reviews! interviews! etc)

Visual Editor Debbie-Lee Miszaniec: fineart.fs@gmail.com

Visual submissions can be emailed to fineart.fs@gmail.com in low (or emailable) resolution. High resolution files of minimum 300 dpi may be requested, and can be sent on CD or using Yousendit.com. Our magazine publishes in black and white.


filling Station is published 3 times annually. Please allow up to four months for reply. Successful contributors receive a free subscription to filling Station. Simultaneous submissions accepted. Unsuccessful submissions will receive notice as long as email address is included. Unaccepted manuscripts received by post will be recycled.

Questions? Email Managing Editor Laurie Fuhr at meditor.fs@gmail.com

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