Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tiny Template, the Circulation edition

A magazine's circ needs to work. Without a circulation or distribution plan, all the hours of editorial planning and toil are pointless because a magazine needs readers. Plain and simple.

AMPA is most often asked about circulation. For such an important aspect of a magazine's business plan, people sure know very little about what it entails. That's why we published Tiny Template: The Circulation Edition, a resource guide for all those questions about circulation that you never knew you had. It's the third magazine in our Template series (one being a broad how-to guide on publishing, another being an edition that focuses on law).

Tiny Template: The Circulation Edition is $6.95. Or, pay $20.00 for all three issues. Click here for details on how to purchase.

Here's what you can expect to find inside:

Tiny Template:The Circulation Edition - Table of Contents

  • A Bird's Eye (Over)view of Circulation (overview)
  • Party On! (planning)
  • Crunching the Numbers (budgeting)
  • Newsstand Demand (newsstand)
  • Analyze This! (sources)
  • Weaving the Perfect Web (online)
  • Ready. Set. Renew (renewals)
  • Go Direct (direct-mail campaigns)
  • Terms of the Trade (glossary)
  • 15 Ways to Circulation Success (summary)