Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Template Teaser 3: Circulation Strategy

Finally, a third post in the "Template Teaser" series, this one from AMPA's 2010 Tiny Template: The Circulation Edition. In her article "Party On! Like Any Good Party, Successful Circulation Requires Best-Laid Plans," Malwina Gudowska turned to Eithne McCredie, vice-president of Abacus Circulations Inc., for her insights on circulation strategy:

"...for new magazines, most are launched out of a passion for an interest area, but McCredie warns that it should never overshadow circulation and distribution planning. She says that no matter how passionately you believe that readers with the same interest will naturally gravitate to your magazine, without the right circulation plan, they won't.

Before launching, do plenty of research on your potential market and count yourself lucky if your magazine has a competitor because then there's already a market. Do the research on the competitor looking at circulation, ad rates and demographics. Once you've figured out your target group and how you can get to it, look at every possible circulation source."

You can learn more about circulation strategy, and gain other valuable information about magazine publishing, in Tiny Template: The Circulation Edition