Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Redesign and Social Media seminars

The Art of Redesign: How to Make Your Next Magazine Redesign Powerful and Pain Free

Magazine redesigns can be a great way to alienate your readers and stress out your entire magazine staff—if you don’t go into them fully prepared. Design guru Dave Donald draws upon 18 years of experience to provide sound strategies and practical tips on how to make everything from a touch-up to a full remake seamless and sparkling, while ensuring what you do optimizes your brand and draws in new readers. It's never too early to think redesign, so make sure you catch these valuable tips now.

This AMPA event will be held January 19, 2011 in Edmonton.

Social Media Fundamentals: Digital Learning Series Seminar
Liz Hover covers the basics of social media: what it is, how it works and what is it good for. As well, through case studies and practical take-home tips, she illustrates the best ways for businesses to use this burgeoning medium to grow audiences, deliver branding and generate revenue. This session is geared towards those involved in the magazine publishing industry but may be of interest to anyone looking to make social media an effective part of their business strategy. 

This AMPA event will be held January 26, 2011 in Calgary and January 27, 2011 in Edmonton.