Monday, January 24, 2011

Get Publishing 2011: At the Edge of Print

May 6 and  7, 2011

Get Publishing 2011: At the Edge of Print connects writers with editors and publishers to explore the outer limits of the written word. Registration is now open for this essential conference to get your passions into print and beyond. This year, the Get Publishing Communications Society takes you to The Edge of Print so you can keep pace with the shifting landscape of publishing in Canada — from magazines to books, from page to screen.

Pitch your ideas to a publisher. Draw inspiration from our keynote speakers. Attend the panels, browse the marketplace, don your thinking caps at the writers' circus. Join Get Publishing May 6 and 7, 2011, at the Robbins Health Learning Centre, Grant MacEwan University—and go where no pen has gone before.

This year's presenters, panels, and workshops include:
  • keynote speaker Minister Faust, the award-winning novelist and radio broadcaster
  • Sarah Ivany, managing editor of Freehand Books (“The Big E Made Easy,” panel)
  • co-writer of the comic book Cowboys and Aliens, Andrew Foley (“Pop Culture Confidential,” panel)
  • Jennifer Cockrall-King, author, magazine features writer, and foodgirl blogger (“Tales From the Blogosphere,” panel)
  • Rose Scollard, Frontenac House (“21st-Century Publishing,” panel)
  • food, travel, and memoir writer Judy Schultz ("The Multi-Niche Writer," workshop)
  • "Shifting Gears: New Trends in Magazine Publishing"

To register, visit