Friday, January 28, 2011

Tips for those Magazine Tweets

On January 26 in Calgary, and January 27 in Edmonton, AMPA hosted the seminar "Social Media Fundamentals" with guest speaker Liz Hover, digital media manager for Canada's National Screen Institute.

I've decided that - after two awe-inspiring hours (no exaggeration, this was a lot of info) of tips on everything from twitter and facebook to website and blogging - it's safe to declare Liz Hover the Social Media Maven. Just check out her website, especially the Resources page, and you're guaranteed to agree that this gal has done her homework.

Every great presentation should have at least one quotable, that catchy line that succinctly sums it all up and has you scrambling for pen and paper. You really know your speaker is a pro, and a tweetophile at that, when you're left with pages of quotes of fewer than 140 characters. Thanks to @dibegin, who tweeted her fave tips throughout the seminar, for sharing these gems: "If your website isn't kick ass, you shouldn't start with social media," and when it comes to that tweet content, "Share good shit" (and if it ain't good, why bother?).

Here are a few of Liz' other tips for magazine tweets:
  • Don't be afraid to post non-magazine content - reach out to your followers by sharing links and info on anything that may be of interest to your magazine's readers
  • Run contests through twitter, drawing people to other social media or to your website
  • Seek out reader/follower opinions and encourage them to contribute story ideas
  • Engage and interact with your followers, respond to their inquiries
  • Never post a link without explaining what it is or why you've posted it
  • Do a keyword search on Twellow and find twitter registrants who fit your magazine's target audience and niche interests
  • Find out (live!) what your fellow tweeters are saying about your magazine, or a topic of interest, by searching for keywords in tweets at
For more twitter ideas, or for insight on any social media (and I mean any), visit

There will likely be a social media frenzy from AMPA for the next few months as I work through my new tips and tricks, and then I'll probably be hooked and the frenzy shall continue. So I'll see you here again soon ... and on twitter @albertamags ... and on our facebook page ...

--- Rebecca Lesser
AMPA Communications & Programs Coordinator