Thursday, February 24, 2011

Editor of the Year; Who's Gonna Win?

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Forget the Oscars; the real contest to watch is the Alberta Editor of the Year Award (EYA), presented by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts.

This year’s nominees are:

Nora Abercrombie (Westword), Anne Beaty (Airdrie Life), Karen Crowdis (Birthing), Käthe Lemon (Avenue Calgary), Ellen Percival (Calgary’s Child), Jenn Schmidt-Rempel (Lethbridge living), Sandra Wiebe (Routes) and Jim Zang (Okotoks Living).

Can we say “all over the board” in regards to this year’s field of nominees? The EYA has always been immensely tough to judge largely because the variety of magazines in Alberta is so expansive. I mean seriously, comparing and critiquing the work of city magazines vs. niche mags vs. editorial about pushing a babe out of your body (yes, I still have labour on the brain) is not exactly easy. The only thing we’re missing in this year’s mix is poetry and fiction (where are you cultural mags?). I don’t envy this year’s judges, Anicka Quin, Melanie Jones and last year’s winner, Tom Gierasimczuk, their task at hand.

I also wonder whether this year’s award will generate as much buzz and consternation as in past years. Is Käthe Lemon destined to become the Susan Lucci of the EYA, in the close but no cigar category, or will she lead the way for the ladies and be the first female to win this year? Or will this year’s winner announce their plans to move out of the province as their acceptance speech since all of our past winners have taken up residence beyond Alberta’s borders? March 24 will surely be a great night at the Alberta Magazines Conference where such riveting questions will be answered, including: what will Ruth Kelly be wearing?

Get your gala tix now and stay tuned for more news and views on the EYA.

--- Colleen Seto
AMPA Blogger-in-Residence