Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Symposium - Secure Footing in a Changing Literary Landscape

This full-day event, sponsored by the Writers’ Union of Canada and Canadian Heritage, is designed to address the creative and financial questions that arise as writers navigate print-based and digital literary landscapes. Writers – unpublished, emerging, or established – will gain an insight into their role in the digitalization of the literary industry. The symposium also explores the importance of community and the need for writers to develop their own writing community.

Authors Betsy Warland and Ross Laird will illuminate the new landscape of digital literature and publishing and will discuss its impact on traditional modes of creation and publishing. A particular emphasis will be placed on emerging modes of creativity, innovation, economics, and community. Kelly Duffin, the Union’s executive director, will discuss authors’ contracts in the digital age.

The Calgary symposium (events will be held across the country) is March 9, 2011 at the University of Calgary, Olympic Volunteer Center, 1833 Crowchild Trail NW.

For full details, and to register, visit www.writersunion.ca/ww_prodevelopment.asp