Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Alberta Venture's Tips for Small Business Websites

Alberta Venture offers "Action Plan Online" on their website, a series of helpful articles on small business changes which offer big rewards. In Part 10 of 12, Lindsey Norris presents "Small Business, Big Website":

You’ve seen them. You’ve undoubtedly been irritated by them. Bad websites – with annoying flash, clashing colours, spelling errors, broken links or insufficient information – can quickly turn off potential customers. Here, Darlene Goode, a co-owner of Professional Web Studio, which specializes in designing sites for small business, offers three tips on how to make your site work for, not against, your business.
  1. Add content pages

    Helpful fact-filled pages related to your services or field may be what encourages people to contact you over a competitor. A current example: bedbugs. “People who have keywords like “bedbugs,” “kill bedbugs,” they are getting a lot of traffic right now,” Goode says. “So if you’re an exterminator and you have pages on bedbugs, your chances of getting a phone call are greater.”
    If there are things you can do or things you see that you can implement to save your customer money or time, by all means, do it. Just make sure you keep track of it and the cost to report back. “Start implementing the lowest costing ones at first, track how sales are affected, and keep adding value if improved sales justify doing so,” Howse says. Nothing makes people talk like saving money does.

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