Thursday, October 7, 2010

Preserving the Advertiser/Editor Divide

In 2010 a task force of Canadian magazine professionals gathered to review the industry’s current Advertising-Editorial Guidelines. They came from both consumer and business media titles, from publishing, advertising sales and editorial departments. The end result was the 2010 Canadian Magazine Industry Advertising-Editorial Guidelines.
The guidelines are intended to help editors, publishers and advertisers maintain an industry-wide standard for preserving the distinction between advertiser messaging and editorial content. So what has changed—and what does that mean for you? D.B. Scott, a member of the task force, describes the need for the guidelines on his Canadian Magazines blog:
"While they are only guidelines, the intention is to provide clarity in a marketplace where advertisers are, understandably, pushing for more opportunities, ranging from product placement and advertorials to mentions on covers. There is also the thorny issue of editorial staff being involved in the design and even the presentation of advertising."
To learn more, read D.B. Scott's full posting at
Magazines Canada invites you to join Patrick Walsh, co-chair of the task-force, for the October 14th webinar "Get the Skinny on the New Ad-Edit Guidelines."

--- Rebecca Lesser
AMPA Communications & Programs Coordinator