Monday, October 25, 2010

Committed to the Success of Entrepeneurs

I'd like to introduce to you Allison Onyett, the latest addition to AMPA's small team of volunteer bloggers. Allison has a B.A from the University of Calgary, and is exploring the world of publishing for a career where she can put her writing skills, marketing and business knowledge, and avid interest in arts and culture to good use. For this first post she shares with us her impression of an online education course with the GoForth Institute:

Did you know that 50% of small businesses launched in Canada won’t survive past their second year? Or that roughly 70% of small businesses won’t see their 5th anniversary? Neither did I, until I took an online education program with GoForth Institute. Their mandate is to provide entrepreneurs across the country with the resources and skills they need to improve their odds of success. I thought that magazine publishers, freelance writers, and any of the other entrepreneurs and small business owners in the industry might be interested in learning more about the program that I found so helpful.

In 2009, Dr. Leslie Roberts and her team launched Canada’s first national education program for entrepreneurs. The core of the program is 100 Essential Small Business Skills™ that successful business owners across the country told them you need to know about running your own small business. Catering to busy, cash strapped entrepreneurs, the ten-hour online course is timely, comprehensive and affordable.

I found the course really comprehensive – in ten hours, expert entrepreneur-instructors taught me all the skills I would need to run a small business, and how all the different parts of a business work together. Best of all, the course is broken down into ten modules, and each module has three twenty minute video lessons The course came with downloadable course materials, exercises, quizzes and email access to each of the instructors if I had a question.

This fall GoForth also launched Canada’s largest on-line resource website for entrepreneurs at any stage of growth. The site is jam-packed with content, seamlessly laid out to allow for fast, easy access to the information you need to know about your small business. GoForth even has a section where you can ask an expert your own specific questions and get a fast answer – free! So if you’re a small business owner, or thinking about becoming one, I’d recommend making the time to visit, take the course and use the free information provided – on your 5th anniversary, you’ll be glad you did!

----Allison Onyett