Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Calgary's New Mavericks - Jackie Flanagan nominated

Jackie Flanagan, founding publisher of Alberta Views, is one of 30 Calgarians nominated for the Calgary Herald and calgary Public Library's search to declare the 10 New Mavericks. The initiative picks up where Aritha van Herk's 2001 book Mavericks: An Incorrigible History of Alberta left off. The panel of experts, including van Herk, selected the 30 nominees with the aim of being inclusive and encompassing in representing "Calgary groundbreakers and pioneers who have shaped the city since 1988." (Read more about the initiative).

The Calgary Herald of October 12, 2010 adeptly describes Jackie Flanagan:
Few Calgarians have been as generous and committed to their ideals as Flanagan. She created AlbertaViews magazine to offer opposing viewpoints in a province known for a homogeneous political culture. And she has been a committed philanthropist, giving millions to worthy causes and the arts.

Votes can be submitted via email to and the final list of ten will be announced November 7, 2010. Congratulations, and best of luck, Jackie Flanagan!