Monday, October 18, 2010

Would These Editors Hire You?

Here's just a taste of a very interesting article from FOLIO, as three editors discuss what they're looking for in new hires:

Anthony Licata
editor-in-chief • Field & Stream

It used to be that we were just looking for editors who could tell a good print story but the job has really evolved and these days we’re looking for the Jack-of-all-trades type of editor. It’s really important to have a staff that is comfortable handling all aspects of the job, from packaging a complicated service story to editing a long narrative to conceiving a multimedia edit program that includes print, online and video. While the basic skills remain the same we need editors to think broader and help us conceptualize and actualize great content on multiple platforms at once.

(**AMPA note: Anthony Licata is the keynote speaker for the 2011 Alberta Magazines Conference)

Robin Sparkman
editor-in-chief • American Lawyer

We’re looking for people who are smart, hardworking and deft at conceiving and editing stories across all platforms. Editors need the basics—good judgment, a writerly sensibility and high reporting standards. I need people who really sweat the copy and make sure that every word is accurate and precise.

Mariette DiChristina
editor-in-chief • Scientific American

I work in a specialized industry, so the first thing I’m looking for is someone who is comfortable with the material. They don’t need a science degree. I don’t have one. Perhaps the most critical quality of an editor is sheer enthusiasm.

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