Friday, October 15, 2010

Application for Aid to Magazine Publishers

[courtesy of D.B. Scott at]

Canadian Heritage has just published its application guide for aid to magazine publishers and has given publishers barely six weeks to apply. The deadline is November 24. The aid to publishers component provides publishers of paid or verified request magazines with funding to produce and distribute their publications.

  • Paid circulation magazines must have sold at least 5,000 paid copies annually, with the exception of aboriginal,official language minority or ethnocultural publications, where the floor is 2,500.

  • Eligible magazines must have a minimum average price of $1 per copy or an average minimum annual subscription price of $12.

  • Magazines must be majority Canadian owned and contain an average of at least 80% Canadian editorial content and no more than 70% advertising.

  • Verified request magazine must have distributed 5,000 requested copies, representing at least 50% of the magazine's total circulation.

Read the complete eligibility criteria